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What is Property Management?

Like most other services, Property Management can be a lot of different things and services on its essence it means taking care of a property in the sense of paying bills and making sure the property is in its best condition, like any home owner would, but from here on out it diverges on the amount of services and types of services as well as payment.

From our experience here in the Algarve it can go from an all inclusive contract to a pay as you go type of service, with a range of different services, some quite mandatory to keep the property in the best shape but some are just random extras added to make it look like you have a better deal.

So for us here, Property Management is us taking care of your property the way you want it taken care of, it should be a set fee that includes taking care of all the necessities of the house with things like paying the bills or taking care of maintenance, but also the necessities of the owners regarding their property with things like taxes or insurance, unfortunately lots of property management companies prefer a pay as you go or provide lower management fees but then they don’t take care of all the issues that the property might have or don’t take a proactive stance regarding future issues.

A Professional Property Management firm is there for you when everything is good, but also when there are issues, when you have visitors that get locked out, or things break, or is there an accident on a holiday or a Sunday or at 4am there is always someone there to fix or help, someone to replace and give support.

As always if you are in need of professional property management in and around Praia da Luz, you should come around our office or give us a call.

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