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Petition Against the Closing of the CTT in Praia da Luz

The CTT wants to close the post office in Praia da Luz, this is not a good news, the post office provides an array of invaluable services to everyone that lives and visits the village of Luz, as such everyone in Luz is against this decision, so it would be[…]

The Importance of Renters and Property Insurance

Of course its important to have insurance, not only important but required by law, but not all insurance is equal, it differs on the coverage, the options and the payment plans, not only from different insurance companies but also inside the same company. Its also important because it reduces risk[…]

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018!

To all our clients and friends we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Amazing New Year of 2018, with always good things to come!

What is Property Management?

Like most other services, Property Management can be a lot of different things and services on its essence it means taking care of a property in the sense of paying bills and making sure the property is in its best condition, like any home owner would, but from here on[…]

Advice on Choosing a Property Manager

You have a new property or you have been renting one and self-managed for a while, but now you decided that maybe its best to just offload that work and choose a property manager, so what is the next step? Well its almost the same as with choosing any company,[…]

Long Term Winter Renting in Luz

Long term winter renting is a good way of maximizing your property return, by renting during the Summer high season you get a high return but also a high rotation of clients, but then you can get a single client for your property for just the Winter season, for the[…]

Algarve Once Again The Best Place in the World to Retire

A new American-based study out recently has once again elected Portugal’s Algarve as the best place in the world today to retire overseas. This conclusion was made by the Live and invest Overseas Index, which ranked the Algarve in top spot. To compile the list, specialists assessed popular retirement spots[…]