Advice on Choosing a Property Manager

You have a new property or you have been renting one and self-managed for a while, but now you decided that maybe its best to just offload that work and choose a property manager, so what is the next step? Well its almost the same as with choosing any company,[…]

Long Term Winter Renting in Luz

Long term winter renting is a good way of maximizing your property return, by renting during the Summer high season you get a high return but also a high rotation of clients, but then you can get a single client for your property for just the Winter season, for the[…]

Property Security Checkist

This a simplified version of our own checklist (that includes other things specific to holiday properties or owners), but its always a good idea to do it in your own house, at least yearly so you have a good idea of the condition and if you need to plan some[…]

Tips for a New Homeowner

So you just acquired a new Home, congratulations! Here are some things you should consider now that you are a new Homeowner. Don’t Overspend of Furniture and Remodeling – Simple as that, its not a priority even though sometimes it seems so, you already spent a lot of money, keeping[…]