Top 10 tips to get your Home Spring Ready

No more blankets and heavy color. Came the time of uncomplicated and decoration of cheerful colors. The Observer has gathered ten suggestions to make the famous “spring cleaning” at home. In English they call it “spring cleaning”, and nothing more than deep cleaning that has to be done at home[…]

Preparing a Property for Winter

Preparing a home for winter depends a lot of course on the location, here in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, we tend to have mild Winters with some rain, especially in Spring, also although some properties are used all year round (for long term winter lets and small vacations)[…]

Why Separate Websites are a Good Choice

Having multiple websites tends to not be the wisest choice, since its harder to focus your time and resources, so why did we create Luz Management? And why it could be a good idea for you to create separation as well! First its Audience Luz Holidays is a perfect vehicle[…]

Tips for a New Homeowner

So you just acquired a new Home, congratulations! Here are some things you should consider now that you are a new Homeowner. Don’t Overspend of Furniture and Remodeling – Simple as that, its not a priority even though sometimes it seems so, you already spent a lot of money, keeping[…]