The Importance of Renters and Property Insurance

Of course its important to have insurance, not only important but required by law, but not all insurance is equal, it differs on the coverage, the options and the payment plans, not only from different insurance companies but also inside the same company. Its also important because it reduces risk[…]

What is Property Management?

Like most other services, Property Management can be a lot of different things and services on its essence it means taking care of a property in the sense of paying bills and making sure the property is in its best condition, like any home owner would, but from here on[…]

Advice on Choosing a Property Manager

You have a new property or you have been renting one and self-managed for a while, but now you decided that maybe its best to just offload that work and choose a property manager, so what is the next step? Well its almost the same as with choosing any company,[…]

Top 10 tips to get your Home Spring Ready

No more blankets and heavy color. Came the time of uncomplicated and decoration of cheerful colors. The Observer has gathered ten suggestions to make the famous “spring cleaning” at home. In English they call it “spring cleaning”, and nothing more than deep cleaning that has to be done at home[…]

Why Get a Property Manager in Praia da Luz

Property Management might sound like a general purpose catch-phrase, but essentially it is a care taker service were sometimes its just a simple process of keeping the house safe, secure, clean with all its bills paid, but other times like if you want to rent your property involves a lot[…]

Tips to Prepare a Holiday Home

Something we occasionally encounter is a home owner that thinks their home is ready for renting, it does take some time to prepare a home to be able to accommodate other people safely and under the law, although what we do and recommend to a client is a bit more[…]

What is the IMI

IMI (Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis) is the name of the Property Tax in Portugal, it underwent severe modification in recent years, so here are a few tips and explanations to better understand the IMI tax. What is the IMI? Its a tax levied on the taxable value of immovable property[…]