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Top 10 tips to get your Home Spring Ready

No more blankets and heavy color. Came the time of uncomplicated and decoration of cheerful colors. The Observer has gathered ten suggestions to make the famous “spring cleaning” at home.

In English they call it “spring cleaning”, and nothing more than deep cleaning that has to be done at home this time of year. The longer days, mild temperatures, finally bursting flowers make spring a season of change. And this is where the desire to keep everything that resembles the cold or that does not lack is felt. Bring into the House colour and lightness will make you enjoy better days coming.

Thinking about it, we’ve rounded up a few steps to get to the tranquility of spring when it comes to decorating. Keyword: uncomplicate.

1. Move the curtains, open the windows and let in the light

It’s a small gesture and there is nothing more effective for making the House more positive environment. Let the blinds at the top, open the shutters and receive the Sun everywhere possible.

2. Throw away what is more

Yes, you will always find that table, that bookcase, that box and those curtains you will do one day never did, and now much less. It’s time to do a survey to each Division. Have questions about whether to get rid of the play or enjoy to decorate another space? Let the own house breathing. There are things, certainly. The goal is to make each Division lighter and less crowded.

3. arrange heavy rugs

In the spring no longer needed and, in times of allergies, the best is to keep them. If you prefer to have some protection for the ground it works also as a decorative element, opt for less heavy textures like bamboo rugs, jute, hemp, sisal or cotton.

4. Outside the window, on the balcony or on the terrace, form fields and small gardens

Nothing better to feel nature than be in daily contact with her. Transform a room, although small, on a farm or garden, not only is aesthetic as useful. The books that help create them are varied, as well as utensils.

5. Refresh your closet

The dresses, in clear tones, the handkerchiefs and scarves are asking prominent place in the closet. Will take a weight off when I can get to see the scarves and boots. The sooner you start preparing for the spring, looks better.

6. Toast to long days with fresh flowers for the home

Tulips, lilies, pansies, roses, daisies, lavender or Rosemary. The more colorful the more tenuous, the most fragrant to unobtrusive, flowers to herbs, the options are varied and the result makes difference in decor. The flowers become small notes that embellish the space and give life to places. The options on how the disposal are also many. You can choose to have them at the table during the breakfast, the room against a particular frame in a jar in the room or in the kitchen. The jars and vases where the places are also important.

7. Mix colors

Yellows and blues will be featured this spring. Already tenuous colors like Aqua, mint, pink and coral match ever with this time of year. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on textiles, on the walls or even paints on furniture.

8. Set the table for breakfast on the balcony

It’s morning we more will feel the scents through the air will know him well sit at the table, as a family, but on the outside. Without too much heat and cold controlled, is a great way to start the day in harmony (for those who have a balcony, of course).

9. Let the fresh aromas to spread

In candles or spray, sweeter, floral or fresh. Put the house smelling like field and will be automatically more cozy.

10. Replace the pictures in frames

No need to make a profound change to get the House with another air. You don’t even have to be looking always for the same walls. Just change the images we have on tables and frames and until you won another division. The pictures to the phrases, drawings and watercolours, the important thing is to let the art express also in shades of spring. If you want to entertain the younger ones and customize the living room, the bedroom or bathroom, ask them whether they are artists. Certainly going delirious.

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