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Why Get a Property Manager in Praia da Luz

Property Management might sound like a general purpose catch-phrase, but essentially it is a care taker service were sometimes its just a simple process of keeping the house safe, secure, clean with all its bills paid, but other times like if you want to rent your property involves a lot of work, from legalizing the property, taking care of the guest and making sure everything runs smoothly, so why get a property manager?

If a property manager is efficient and professional you save money and headaches, you can be sure that your property is safe and in proper condition, you know that if there is a need for maintenance or work that they will source the best contractors and make sure the job is done properly, that if you get into issues both you or guest that you can always fallback on its assistance!

A property manager works in three stages, first he should assess the property and make sure all its legal issues, maintenance, bills, taxes are all taken care of! Then secondly he makes sure the property is and runs the way the owner intends, from cleaning, taking care of guests, running maintenance from gardens to pools. Then thirdly it has to be there for emergencies and fixing problems.

The fact that we are the oldest property managers in Praia da Luz is just a proof of our commitment to our owners and to their properties, they know we don’t nitpick or charge by the hour, we are here to make sure your needs and your property are met!

So gives a call to +351 282 788 522 or visit us on our office at Rua Direira nº106 in Praia da Luz.

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