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What is the Energy Certificate?

The energy certificate and the indoor air quality (EC) a building or autonomous fraction is a document issued under the National Energy Certification System (SCE) that each property rating in terms of its energy performance according to a pre-set range of 7 + 2 classes (A +, A, B, B-, C, D, E, F and G), where the A + class corresponds to a building with better energy performance , and G class corresponds to a worse building energy performance.

In this document are also presented the possible Improvement measures to be implemented at the level ofenergy performance and thermal comfort, highlighting the greater economic viability.

The energy certification allows users, verify the correct application of thermal regulation and indoor air quality in effect for the building and energy systems, as well as information on the energy performance in nominal conditions of use, in the case of new buildings or, in the case of existing buildings, in real conditions or calibrated for typical usage patterns.

In this way, the energy consumption in buildings, in nominal conditions of use, are a credible comparison factor when buying or renting a property, allowing potential buyers or gauge the quality of the property leases with regard to energy performance and indoor air quality.

In existing buildings, the energy certificate provides information on the measures of improvement of energy performance and indoor air quality, with economic viability, which the owner can implement to reduce their energy costs, as well as to ensure good indoor air quality, free from risks to public health and comfort and productivity enhancer.

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