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All About Property Energy Performance Certificate

Resulting from the European Union Directive 2002/91/EC relating to the energy performance of buildings, the Property Energy Performance Certificates have become law in Portugal as well and a necessity for every property (there are a couple of exemptions for old or historic building), the goal is one of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improve overall energy consumption by checking properties and rating them accordion to their energy efficiency.

The certificate itself will be more detailed but more cleanly it is rated on a scale of A (green) to G (red), being A excellent energy efficiency and G very bad efficiency, very similar to what is already used on appliances.

The goal is one with a lot of merit, on one side it will inform the consumer when purchasing a property what is its energy efficiency (and therefore that it might need more maintenance or work) as well as informing all parties involved that improvements can be made to improve the efficiency of the property, a plus to all!

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