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Why Separate Websites are a Good Choice

Having multiple websites tends to not be the wisest choice, since its harder to focus your time and resources, so why did we create Luz Management? And why it could be a good idea for you to create separation as well!

First its Audience

Luz Holidays is a perfect vehicle for clients trying to find their holiday accommodation in Praia da Luz, but it doesn’t serve so well for our home owners, especially to give them all the information and channels to make the right choices, of course there is a bit of a overlap but this way we can refocus each site more tightly to its intended audience, everyone wins.

Separation of Business

Although we do both, those are 2 different business, the same way you could say our Landry and Maid Service are also a separate business, even if complementary its a good idea to give a clear separation of what we do, if not just to make it clean and clear for future clients but for existing clients have a clear understanding of what they are getting in return.


Having a clear distinct websites lets us promote our different business more clearly and directly if you have a home in the Lagos and Luz areas, you know from Luz Management that we can take care of your home for you, that we can rent your house for holiday makers, that we have all these services and more, but if you are looking for a holiday accommodation in Vila da Luz or Lagos, be it a villa or apartment you can find all we offer in Luz Holidays, so now we can market these different parts of our overall business clearly.

To summarize, if your business has different aspects to it that can become blurred it might be a good idea to separate with shared branding and websites, that will help you focus your business and help your clients better understand what they can get from it, as always if you have a question please comment bellow or contact us, have a great day.

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